Costume Design


Directors’ Statement:  The search for identity, whether internal or external, is a search for the truth about oneself. In Eclipsed, we get to witness five women in incredible circumstances go on this journey, each making very different discoveries over the course of the play which ultimately either unite or divide them.


Costume Design 2020 Studio Project Director: Lucas Greco Scenic Design: Rebecca Strom Directors POV The director wanted to focus on the roles of the gods in the play especially the role of Aphrodite. He saw a play in which the gods played with the lives of mortals and the tragedy that ensues is from the […]

Stop Kiss

The Drowsy Chaperone

Director Statement: The most important delight of this show is its “show within a show” format. As “Man in Chair” plays his album, he gets lost in his imagination so much that he becomes surrounded by the 1930s production of his dreams. What I would like us to create is a set presumably from the […]