Costume Design

2020 Studio Project

Director: Lucas Greco

Scenic Design: Rebecca Strom

Directors POV

The director wanted to focus on the roles of the gods in the play especially the role of Aphrodite. He saw a play in which the gods played with the lives of mortals and the tragedy that ensues is from the backlash of the disenfranchised as a result of that meddling. He wanted to draw from classical dress and setting to create a slightly out of time production.

Concept Statement

I interpreted that direction as a costume designer through the use of bonds placed on the characters. The play has several women and slaves who are shown to have less agency than the men. These characters are shown as more restricted. This can be seen most clearly in the progression of Medea. She starts the show free of bonds then is struck by a gold arrow by Aphrodite. For the rest of the play she is shown as bound until the final scene in which she is free of them. In that final scene she drips blood and gold signifying the cost of her freedom.