I am a story addicted costume designer obsessed with personal and significant stories. Stories are a force of change that I plan to wield with extreme specificity without losing the joy of the tale. Let’s tell a story and tell it truer than true could ever be.

I am drawn to the theater by the power and importance of storytelling that lies at the heart of human nature. I am addicted to the twisting of a tale in which everything means something and people are imbued with visible importance. In theater we are the dreamers of dreams and the creators of things, but most of all I see us as the tellers of stories. For me, the importance of theater lies in a moment. Theater tells the story of now, and there is a power there. I want to harness that power and tell the kinds of stories that make a difference, and tell the truths that not everyone lives. 

I grew up doing crafts and reading fantastical british political satire. I can’t remember learning to sew, as far as I know I’ve just always known. As soon as I could read I constantly held a book. Theater is where these life driving forces meet. I could sew clothing for people to wear in their lives. I could live in the world of written word. Or I could do both as a costume designer. I am double drawn and twice sworn to this calling.

I am currently pursuing my BFA at Cornish College of the Arts. I am always working hard to improve, enhance, and vary my skill set. I often employ a deep delve into characters and the world they live in as a bedrock of my designs. I also apply creative ideas to new situations. One of my proudest works was a design for a robot costume set in a slightly futuristic period. I themed my robot off of the Google logo aesthetic which fit into the quirky pop culture feel of the play. I find symbols within a text or I create a symbol that fits with the world of the play. My whole hearted devotion to storytelling has translated well into my work in theater. 

My goal is to tell big truths through stories that are not strictly true. It is through these meaningful and rich tales that I find my sense of purpose. I will tell stories that dare the world and the people in them to change.